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Otentic Eco Tent Experience Mauritius

Otentic Eco Tent

Otentic Eco Tent Experience Mauritius Island

Mauritius Otentic Eco Tent Safari Bedroom


Otentic Eco Tent Bedroom Mauritius

Mauritius Southeast Coast Beautiful Landscape

Beautiful Landscape

Beautiful Landscape South-East Coast Mauritius

Mauritius Otentic Eco Tent Activity Kayak

Kayak Activity

Kayak Activity Otentic Mauritius

Mauritius Kite Surf South East Otentic Eco Tent Experience

Kite Surf Activity

Kite Surf Activity Otentic Mauritius

Otentic Eco Tent Experience Mauritius Accommodation With Pool


Otentic Eco Tents Mauritius shared swimming pool

Welcome To Otentic Eco Tent Experience

Otentic Eco is a friendly and  the one and only tent style accommodation in Mauritius.
Come and experience the real Mauritian hospitality!

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About Us

Lolotte Rental and Tours Ltd (LRT) is a local tour operator who join forces with in order to reach more people interested in the nature sights of Mauritius and Rodrigues Island and to provide real eco tourism and related services to them.



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